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Hometown Honey  -  Burton, Texas

My son, eat thou honey,

because it is good; 

and the honeycomb, 

which is sweet to 

thy taste.

Proverbs 24:13

Lazy Bee Honey Co.™

Lazy Bee 
        Honey Co..

Hometown Honey  -   Burton, Texas

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Lazy Bee Honey Co.™ will place & maintain hives for your pollination benefit.   Whether it is pollination of your crops, garden, orchard, or wildflowers, we offer reasonable seasonal pricing to enhance your growing success.  We also offer consultations to determine number hives needed for your operation.  Currently 100% sourced for the 2019 year- not taking new properties at this time.


Lazy Bee Honey Co.™ offers Hive Leasing for your Ag. Exemption.   Contact your local county extension agent for specific requirements, and timeline for your specific property.   No other exemption is less work for you. Allow Lazy Bee to place the county required amount of hives on your property in an agreed location then sit back and enjoy the tax relief.  Lazy Bee Honey Co. will maintain the bees and hives and you will reap a portion of the sweet reward in harvesting season. Currently 100% sourced for the 2019 year- not taking new properties at this time.


Bees are a very valuable resource to this wonderful God given earth, however; when they take up residence in or around our homes it can be a nuisance.  Lazy Bee Honey Co.™ specializes in removal and relocation of Honey Bees.  We perform  swarm captures, clump of bees in search of a new home, and cut-outs, removal of an established hive.  We do not perform extermination services, rather, relocation of Honey Bees to a more suitable environment! "Give us a Buzz" or call for a quote of services.


Entertain your interest in Beekeeping.  Lazy Bee Honey Co.™ Senior Beekeepers will give you a basic introduction to bees and beekeeping with hands on interactive learning.   The basics from obtaining a hive, equipment, challenges, and advantages, a.k.a. HONEY, will be discussed.  You will leave with a comprehensive understanding of beekeeping.  More advanced classes are available as well. Please email for classes, dates and times. 

2019 Classes TBD. Please check back.