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Hometown Honey  -  Burton, Texas

My son, eat thou honey,

because it is good; 

and the honeycomb, 

which is sweet to 

thy taste.

Proverbs 24:13

Lazy Bee Honey Co.™

Lazy Bee 
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Hometown Honey  -   Burton, Texas

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Texas Honey- the gallon

$75.00 $94.99

12 lb Net. Wgt. Classic

Convenient one gallon jug filled with 100% pure, raw, unfiltered Texas honey.

The jug provides ease of use for those who love to cook with honey or restauranteers. This honey is a classic taste of honey. It is every bit of sweetness you expect without any dissapointment. This honey is an accumulation of wildflowers, grasses, and trees in a perfect classic blend. Use this honey for baking breads, coffee, and fresh warm biscuits.

Lazy Bee Honey Co.™ honey is not pastuerized, is not ultra-filtered, and is not blended or have any additives. Truely 100% Pure and Raw Texas Honey.

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